Make Enlightenment your Goal: It’s the Reason for your Existence

When we take a physical body we are automatically thrust into limits. Those limits are not just external; most of us are unaware of the vast and beautiful planes of Consciousness that reside within.

Some people have had glimpses, others through a natural sensitivity much more.

Hence, the aim of this light and sound meditation is to help anyone, who is prepared to allocate an hour each day, to have access to these awe inspiring regions. It is the Ultimate journey of discovery and one that will give real purpose to your life.

This website is intended to reach out to everyone, from the complete beginner, to those who have tried meditation and have failed to reach their Spiritual goals. Regardless of religious beliefs and philosophies, we invite people to accept our guidance so that they can Know the Source of their Existence by Resonating with the Divine Light and Sound.

light and sound meditation

This new Path was started by a small number of people who had attained Spiritual Enlightenment using inner Light and Sound Meditation. We were contacted on the 16th February 2015 by an intelligence, historically known as the Spiritual Hierarchy and urged to make the Divine Energies available to the masses providing serious seekers with a way of achieving the same State of Consciousness as ourselves. We have no leader; each of our Teachers works autonomously. All that we ask is that they adhere to the core principles shown below. By using this approach we hope to avoid the many problems that seem to plague large organizations and groups that often lose sight of their True Spiritual Purpose. For more information about the Spiritual Hierarchy: CLICK HERE for our Spiritual Hierarchy Website.

It contains information that covers Their history, the reason They have made contact today, the purpose of the Light and Sound Meditation and all Their recent transmissions. They speak of raising the Consciousness of the Earth and its occupants – an evolutionary leap.


The Spiritual Hierarchy sent the following message:-

From where we sit, because of human frailties, it has become necessary to bring down huge amounts of Energy to address the imbalances of your planet. There are many of you already helping in this task. What we are asking is for people to look to their hearts and bring about massive changes by addressing three major issues:


With these three issues uppermost in peoples minds your world will be helped immeasurably.

On receiving this news we were in awe of the Compassion shown and honoured to play our part to help people become aware of this Energy We pledge that the rest of our earthly lives will be spent, to the best of our ability, serving this Ultimate Cause.

There are no lifestyle rules or formal organisation; we do not expect belief, only trust and time so that we can prove our claims.There are no financial obligations to us in any way: you might like to read the section about Giving on the Lifestyle page, which explains how we can all contribute to a better world and promote the Spiritual Light and Sound Meditation which is Love in its highest form.

Global Meditation

As part of the general move towards caring for others we would like a regular Meditation to take place every week. For you all to come together for 10 minutes at the same time. This would be a powerful statement from you to affirm positivity to the Planet as a whole. In doing so you will feel a great connection to each other.

Our numbers have grown at an incredible pace over the last few months; we now have over 100 people who have attained Spiritual Enlightenment.

Our Mission is twofold, for Meditators to attain Spiritual States and to raise the Consciousness of the Planet. As we now have a significant group Initiated into the Light and Sound it is time to harness this potential by organizing synchronized Meditations Worldwide.

We are suggesting that this takes place every weekend. Initially, to send Love and Peace to the Planet and its inhabitants for 10 minutes. If you wish to extend this time that’s fine but make sure you start at the time appropriate to your time zone. See Spiritual Hierarchy website.

Although this is intended for Light and Sound Initiates we invite all meditators around the Globe to join us in our mission. So many of us want change – at last we have a means to accomplish this – let us make the best use of this wonderful opportunity.

To summarize, our Core Principles are shown below:

1. We have no Leader, all our Spiritual Teachers work autonomously.

2. We are committed to support all people who wish to discover Spiritual States of Consciousness through Light and Sound meditation.
3. The Energy for the Light and Sound meditation is given through a Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings.

4. There are no lifestyle requirements, just recommendations based on common sense.

5) There are no fees whatsoever, either for Mantras, Spiritual States, or to any person or organisation.

6. The Energy for the Light and Sound meditation and the discovery of Spiritual States of Consciousness, is available to all persons in all countries, regardless of gender, status, culture, race and creed.

7. People choosing to meditate with the Light and Sound Energy are able to progress at their own rate.

Most new articles about light and sound meditation will appear on the Inspiration page so do keep checking. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this Light and Sound Meditation or information about Spirituality on this site through the meditation contact page.


Grace from the Spiritual Hierarchy

Historically, all States of Consciousness were conveyed by a person who was Enlightened; they were often known as Gurus or Masters. Enlightenments tended to be rare and it was normal for the Teacher to determine when a meditator was ready to receive the Spiritual Energy (often referred to as Grace). This method is still used today and works well for small groups, but presents logistical problems when people are spread Worldwide.

As explained on The Journey page, the Divine Spark for First Initiation is given (and must be given) by touch. The further States were also conveyed by this method. This would involve the meditator either living in close proximity to the Teacher, or making long journeys to present themselves hoping to receive the Grace. Occasionally, if the aspirant was lucky, a Teacher might visit a particular country and Initiate a large number of seekers.

The Spiritual Hierarchy repeatedly state that this meditation needs to reach the masses. They have produced a wonderful solution to make it easier for isolated meditators to receive the Higher Initiations. The system is called


This means that at specific times throughout the year, Energy will be available for all those who meditate on True Light and Sound. If they prepare themselves well and their hearts are open, then they can receive this Grace which potentially can propel them to the Higher States of Consciousness.

This eliminates both the need for Human judgement and the necessity for travel. A meditator will advance at a rate that is perfect for them.

All that is required is that they receive the initial Grace by touch. We now have a number of Enlightened people who are able to travel around the World; we hope to be able to reach anyone who has a genuine desire for Truth. Please note: we will still use the method of touch for the Higher States, when it is convenient, as the Initiator can be present and give appropriate advice and support.

We are not the only group that meditates on True Light and Sound; the Blanket Grace will assist all those people who have been Initiated and meditate on these Energies.

The Power and Beauty of the Light and Sound to all true seekers is immense and beyond all Human understanding. It is only by Meditating in this way that the Truth about the Creation can be found. Everyone has the Potential to realize this Power; it is through perseverance and dedication that this Knowledge will be given to them.

The first transmission of Grace occurred over the Christmas period (2015) during which two people attained Enlightenment: see the testimonials from (J.M.) and (J.H.)

Finally, when a person receives the First Initiation they will be told when the Grace will be available and given specific dates and times. For those of you in other groups that meditate on the True Light and Sound please enquire using the contact page. We will be happy to give you this information together with appropriate advice.

We wish to express our immense gratitude to the Spiritual Hierarchy for Their Love of Humanity.


Words from the Spiritual Hierarchy

We, the Lords of Light want to talk to you about the beauty that is around you every day. On the news programmes there is often only negativity: violence, death, bombings, suffering. Focus on that and the world seems a dark, dangerous place. Yet there is much beauty all around. Look at Nature and see incredible beauty. Love is beauty.

We would like to remind you of millions of acts of kindness that happen quietly every day. Some are generous and affect several people deeply, but most are small. These are none-the-less meaningful to the recipients. It could be a smile, a helping hand, the price of a hot drink on a cold day or holding the door open till others arrive. They hardly seem worthy of a second thought. They cost you nothing, yet they enrich you in ways you cannot imagine. This is Love in action.

Acts of kindness to animals also do not go unnoticed. Whenever you can, please help animals that are kept in cruel conditions.

Love in your daily lives is incalculably precious. Only those for whom it is missing know the price of it: unbearable loneliness, despair, fear, tiredness, and a feeling of not belonging.

Love is given freely to you. Spread it freely. Send Love into the World every day. You don’t have to know who will receive it. It enriches the sender and the receiver. It makes the World a better place.


We would like you all to know that it is very possible that the Love you are sending will have a massive effect on the war-torn areas of the World in a relatively short space of time.

What you do does not have to be complicated, either to have the intention of sending Love to specific areas, or to the whole World. But, please get into the habit of doing it for a few minutes every day.

We thank the people who are listening to us and acting on what we say. You are sending a wave of Love around the Planet which is definitely having a positive effect.

For practical guidance see article: Sending Love to the Planet on the Love page.


We know there are many of you around the World, that are intrigued by what you are reading. Do consider making yourself known to us through the Contact page, particularly if you seek the Light and Sound Initiation. Please note everything we offer is abolutely FREE. We are always happy to answer any questions or enquiries.

Our Love goes out to you all


The Affect of Initiations on the Planet

In answer to the question,”How does a large number of Initiates affect the Planet?”

It is all to do with Love. We need to get more Love on the Planet Earth. There is too much hatred and warring as we have said; but if there is more Love then the hatred will die away.

We are wanting the people who are Initiated to gather together at prearranged times and send Love Energy out into the World. After this Grace period there will be more people, so you must make sure that this happens.

As regards the Planet itself – yes, it is sick, because of what Man has done with the animals, forests, vegetation and himself. How can the Earth cope with such willful destruction? It has to be redressed.

With the thousands of people who will be Initiated, we hope they will be active by being vocal in their horror at such deeds. Then gradually the people doing these things will be stopped, or realize this is not the way to carry on. With the power of initiation behind them, people will be able to make a difference collectively.

We are watching all the work that is being done by people to prepare themselves for Initiation, which is commendable.

This is the beginning of a massive wave of Energy across the Planet which has not been seen for a long time. We see you as Energy forms soon to be lit up, and to use your Light to illuminate the World.


For Those Seeking Initiation

This is a message for all who seek Initiation, or further States to progress along the Path to Enlightenment.

We here can see much preparation going on and it heartens us because it means that the Energy sent will be used well, and with the commitment it deserves.

You, as people seeking Initiation can be assured that on every step of the Journey you will be cared for, helped and Loved by Us.

It is a Journey to find out about the big questions you may have been looking for all your life. For instance, ‘Why are we here?”
Perhaps you will have sought the answers in spiritual books and been disappointed.

On this Journey of Light and Sound you will find out the answers for yourself. There will be no need for clarification as you will know in your heart that the answers are True; it will all make sense to you.

You may discover that you are thinking in a different way, the old ideas and ways of being, diet, etc. will change. This is all a natural process of “letting go” and having the potential to become the best that you can be whilst in a physical form. To reach the highest Spiritual State of Enlightenment – which, in turn will help to raise awareness in your fellow Man.


For Those already Initiated

There will a Grace Period at the end of this month, starting on Friday 25th November through to Monday 28th November. During this time all Meditators around the World, that have received a True Light and Sound Initiation, will benefit by being able to progress more easily along their Spiritual Path. Some may even attain Higher States of Consciousness.


From the Beings of Light

We are Beings of Light who are the embodiment of unconditional Love. We are not Enlightened as you are for we have no physical body which is necessary in order to be Enlightened.

We Love you and are aware of much suffering that is prevalent on Earth. We do not feel the suffering, as our Energies, our Frequencies are high, but we empathize with you and would like to help. The way in which we can do so is by helping you to raise the collective Consciousness of the Earth. This is achieved by as many people as possible Meditating on Light and Sound and being Enlightened. Thus we have several planned periods of blanket Grace, including an extended period over the Easter, when Grace allows the changing of States.

We are very excited about the numbers who will receive the Light and Sound, and those who will expand from First to Second Initiation and of course to Enlightenment. Our hope is that all those of you who benefit will then, through Love, help others to follow this Path to Enlightenment. By doing so you will raise the Consciousness of this planet and its inhabitants.

Talk to Us. Reach out to Us and we will guide you and help you. Use the Spiritual Resonances we have given you to heal each other. Love knows no bounds. Demonstrate your Love for each other and for all Humanity and the Earth and respect the animal kingdom.


Exciting News from the Spiritual Hierarchy:

They will again be releasing vast quantities of Energy, this time over the Christmas period to facilitate Initiations at all stages of this Path. They want the Truth to reach as many people as possible. If you are at the Mantra stage check with your Mentor to see where and when Initiations are occurring. We know there are many of you around the World, that are intrigued by what you are reading. Do consider making yourself known to us through the Contact page, particularly if you seek the Light and Sound Initiation. Please do so as soon as possible as you may still be able to receive the First Initiation over this period of Grace. We are always happy to answer any questions or enquiries.

The Christmas Grace period is from the 25th December to the 9th of January 2017.


We thank Amanda Sage for her kind permission to use the image of Limbic Resonance.