Monthly Archives: September 2015

Welcome to new people

We would also like to welcome the new people who are aligning with this Path and assure them that we will do everything in our power to offer them support in their Spiritual quest. The numbers are increasing rapidly but we have in place a system whereby each person can receive help and advice from a personal mentor. The mentor… Read more →


Congratulations to the two new Second Initiates in California. Their States of consciousness were confirmed on the 8th of September by the Spiritual Hierarchy. They were able to realize that their true Essence exists beyond both their physical forms and more importantly their minds. This is a great achievement as the practice of meditation is a challenging discipline. It was… Read more →

Meditation Anywhere

Travelling in London encouraged me to meditate in places not normally thought conducive to sitting quietly and noticing on the inside. Experience has shown that we can question assumptions and create beautiful changes. One place was on the trains, and the experience can be crowded with commuters pushing into your personal space, poorly ventilated, overheated and anonymous. So not normally… Read more →