Monthly Archives: October 2015

Testimonial (T.S.)

In conversation I find Myself going somewhere but my mind is somewhere else…they are two different things. My mind can be chattering but I am still meditating…not disturbed by thoughts. It is like I am the observer of the observer which can be having conversations; my mind does not disturb the Stillness. Read more →

Testimonial (A.B.)

In conversation It’s not just about visuals. I was sitting in one body yet aware of another. I was able to switch perspectives. Now I find Something behind me contemplating myself. A big shift in me…I am very grounded yet not here…more aware of duality. Read more →

Poems to Inspire

  movement, change, process on tides of Grace coming to rest on shores It never leaves (F.A.)   Do we realise we’re God’s body Do we realise we’re God’s mind Do we realise, through us, God’s Love manifests Do we realise that Consciousness has become conscious of Itself Do we realise that we live in an extraordinary time of Opportunity… Read more →