Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Tao

“When a wise person hears about Tao, he gets right with it. When an ordinary person hears about Tao, he tries to get right with it, but eventually gives up. When a fool hears about Tao, he just laughs and laughs. If he didn’t laugh, it wouldn’t be Tao. Here’s what they find so funny: The path to enlightenment seems… Read more →

Why Seek Initiation

In answer to the question, “Please could you talk to us about why a person should seek Initiation and follow a Spiritual Path, and how does it help a person on death?” When someone gets Initiated, immediately it sets up a potential link with the Higher Planes. How much a person works with the Energies of Light and Sound, will… Read more →

Inspirational Poems

I Doubted I doubted You. You stood beside me. I withdrew from You. You waited patiently. I turned my back on You. You watched over me from a distance. I denied You. You smiled love at me. A long night without You. I awoke to find You there. Then I remembered, Love is constant. I embraced You once more And… Read more →

Light and Sound Meditation

Light and sound energies are mentioned in countless numbers of books and spoken about by many meditation groups. However, there are many different types of these energies which fall into 3 main categories: physical, imagined and Spiritual. We want to make it absolutely clear that the Energies we speak of have nothing to do with the lower levels which are… Read more →