Monthly Archives: April 2016

Testimonial (M.S.)

When I sat down to meditate during the Easter Grace period, my intent was to sit and, if so blessed, attain my second initiation. I received first initiation the middle of last December, and have been meditating faithfully on the Light and Sound ever since. Now, let me preface this by saying that I’m no stranger to meditation. I was… Read more →

Easter Grace Period Initiations

We are now nearing the End of the Grace Period and have just received wonderful news of an Enlightenment in Africa (April 17th). Congratulations to (E.M.) who we hope will be the catalyst to open up the Path in Namibia and Tanzania.   News of a further 2 First Initiations in the U.K. has just been received (April 17th). Your… Read more →

Testimonial (K.R.)

I started meditating in 2006 and my journey at the beginning was wonderful; I meditated a lot and loved the new experiences I was exploring. My life’s circumstances then changed dramatically for the worse and unfortunately, it affected my meditation. I was not happy for many years following the tragic events in my life and I found it difficult to… Read more →


We mentioned on the home page the number of Initiations that were envisaged in the next 3 years. This number of 75,000 was presented to us by the Spiritual Hierarchy. We have been discussing how bringing Spirituality to you Planet by mass Initiations can raise the Consciousness generally, of the inhabitants. This then leads to more awareness of the Planet… Read more →

Testimonial (A.R.)

I was fortunate to be Initiated in Light and Sound over the past weekend, my experience is wonderful, I feel a peace that I had never had before, nothing disturbs this peace, and the best of it is that one transmits this peace on to others, my mission is to share this experience with many people. I wish you all… Read more →

Testimonial (A.E.)

Words cannot describe the beauty of the light I saw. Like a picture of a sunset, it can be described in detail, but there is no comparison to standing at the waterfront watching and feeling the sun on ones face. The beauty I could not have imagined. Home. Then as I tried to grasp it, it went, a beauty not… Read more →

Testimonial (Y.G.)

First I want to give a million thanks to (J.M) And (D.H) for having come so far to Initiate us in Light and Sound meditation and transmit their knowledge and teachings with so much love, humility and in a selfless manner. They are two wonderful beings. I love you so much. I send hugs from my heart. The experience of… Read more →