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  25th May 2019 We are the Lords of Light in answer to your question about visions. Firstly you need to remember that everything is happening right now.  There is no past, present or future, it is just an illusion.  We are happy to say that Meditators are opening themselves up and receiving inspiring messages which will help them.  It… Read more →


  13th May 2019 This is from the Lords of Light in answer to your question. This indeed is an important one as we don’t want Initiates worried about such matters such that it affects their lives and meditation. Firstly, the Initiation makes people more powerful than they realise. It can solve a myriad of problems. It doesn’t matter what… Read more →

Therapeutic Resonances

  Please note: we have recently updated this site in order to simplify the procedures and methods of treatment. The new approach was guided by the same Intelligence that sits behind the Light and Sound Meditation.   We wanted to use the existing Double Coil technology in combination with an easy method of choosing an appropriate therapeutic frequency.… Read more →