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This Changes Everything!

  We asked the question, “How can we help people who are thousands of kilometers from our Meditation Teachers?”   1st August 2019 This is from the Lords of Light, in answer to your heartfelt question. We in the Spiritual Realms are watching all the time and nothing goes unnoticed, as we said before. From the beginning of the dawn… Read more →

Are both Enlightenments the same?

  On this website we have looked at two ways of travelling the Spiritual Path. The first is by a person being open and allowing the Energies to expand their Consciousness, spontaneously. The second is through the traditional method of Light and Sound Meditation. This requires an Initiation by someone who has already completed their Journey and attained Enlightenment (sometimes… Read more →

Testimonial (N.H.)

  I remember it was a beautiful spring afternoon and I was alone, driving in my car. I was on my way home, listening to music and feeling very content and happy. My wife and I had recently joined a Meditation group which taught Light and Sound. The Teachers talked about an amazing Journey culminating in Enlightenment. We were both… Read more →

Testimonial (A.N.)

  “Long before enlightenment you can have a sense of non-doing, of not being the doer of doing, the actor who acts. It happened to me 30 years ago. In this state every little ordinary act, no matter how menial, can cause a thrill of bliss. It comes with a feeling of non-resistance to actions, and it is that which… Read more →

Where Spirituality and Technology Meet

    Spirituality and technology aren’t two words you often see together, but they do have a connection. BrainWorld Magazine points out that religion does not always embrace the views of science, but it adapts one of science’s best products: technology. For example, in the early 20th century, the radio allowed people to hear evangelical sermons in the comfort of… Read more →