Monthly Archives: April 2020

Microwaves and 5G

  Many Initiates have asked me recently about my thoughts regarding 5G. I shall try and answer the question firstly from a scientific angle and then from a Spiritual and esoteric point of view. It is well known that microwave ovens can heat up food. This works by selecting a specific frequency that resonates with water molecules (a flipping of… Read more →

The Final Chapter

Dear All This may be the final chapter! The Spiritual Hierarchy have sanctioned Remote Initiations. In my opinion this changes everything. We discussed the idea a few years back and were told the time was not right. However, on the 21st April 2020 Hello Nick, this is the Lords of Light. We are listening to your ideas about the way… Read more →

Remote Initiation Schedule

  Please understand that this schedule is not set in stone and it is understood that each Adept will develop their own version. It is important that both the Initiator and the Aspirant are happy with the process which might vary from person to person.   Remote Initiations should only be offered to very keen, distant people. They have to… Read more →