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Microwaves and 5G

  Many Initiates have asked me recently about my thoughts regarding 5G. I shall try and answer the question firstly from a scientific angle and then from a Spiritual and esoteric point of view. It is well known that microwave ovens can heat up food. This works by selecting a specific frequency that resonates with water molecules (a flipping of… Read more →

The Final Chapter

Dear All This may be the final chapter! The Spiritual Hierarchy have sanctioned Remote Initiations. In my opinion this changes everything. We discussed the idea a few years back and were told the time was not right. However, on the 21st April 2020 Hello Nick, this is the Lords of Light. We are listening to your ideas about the way… Read more →

This Changes Everything!

  We asked the question, “How can we help people who are thousands of kilometers from our Meditation Teachers?”   1st August 2019 This is from the Lords of Light, in answer to your heartfelt question. We in the Spiritual Realms are watching all the time and nothing goes unnoticed, as we said before. From the beginning of the dawn… Read more →

Are both Enlightenments the same?

  On this website we have looked at two ways of travelling the Spiritual Path. The first is by a person being open and allowing the Energies to expand their Consciousness, spontaneously. The second is through the traditional method of Light and Sound Meditation. This requires an Initiation by someone who has already completed their Journey and attained Enlightenment (sometimes… Read more →

Dealing with Negativities

  Although there are no negative energies in the Spiritual Realms there are in people’s minds! When people are Initiated it is as if they have been living in a darkened room and somebody opens a door (Initiation). When that happens people see the Light and travel outside the room (Spiritual Path) which leads to Enlightenment. However, and this is… Read more →