Remote Initiation Schedule

  Please understand that this schedule is not set in stone and it is understood that each Adept will develop their own version. It is important that both the Initiator and the Aspirant are happy with the process which might vary from person to person.   Remote Initiations should only be offered to very keen, distant people. They have to… Read more →

Where Spirituality and Technology Meet

    Spirituality and technology aren’t two words you often see together, but they do have a connection. BrainWorld Magazine points out that religion does not always embrace the views of science, but it adapts one of science’s best products: technology. For example, in the early 20th century, the radio allowed people to hear evangelical sermons in the comfort of… Read more →


  25th May 2019 We are the Lords of Light in answer to your question about visions. Firstly you need to remember that everything is happening right now.  There is no past, present or future, it is just an illusion.  We are happy to say that Meditators are opening themselves up and receiving inspiring messages which will help them.  It… Read more →

Completing the Journey

  There are many routes to complete the Journey just as there are many ways to travel to a holiday destination. Ultimately, what is important is that we arrive but there is so much to learn on the Way. We are noticing that many of our Meditators are being shown a multitude of experiences when attaining Enlightenment. In a recent… Read more →

Reason for the Light wave

Throughout the ages mankind has faced several challenges, and the Spiritual Hierarchy have been there, in one form of the other, to help. “ We look at your Planet now and commend you all on the good work that is going on. There is still much to be done but progress is being made every day. It is now, that… Read more →

Self Realization and God Realization

Self Realization and God Realization are quite different. There are many definitions to be found in Spiritual literature, many of which are confusing and contradictory. We therefore, felt we should attempt to lay out clearly what WE mean by these terms. Self Realization This occurs when we experience an expansion of Consciousness in which we realize that everything that we… Read more →

The Reason for your Existence

We have written on the Home Page, “Make Enlightenment your Goal: it’s the Reason for your Existence.” We feel this statement deserves some clarification. The attainment of Enlightenment is clearly a rare occurrence and would therefore suggest that the vast majority of people fail to fulfill the reason for their incarnation. Most people show no interest in pursuing such a… Read more →

Enlightened Teachers

We are happy to announce that our number of Enlightened Teachers is approaching one hundred. The Hierarchy have predicted that our Group should reach 75,000 in the next few years. In taking these people along the Spiritual Path in such a short time They have provided us with a large number of Teachers and Meditators that can pass on the… Read more →

What Lies Ahead!

It is natural to ask questions such as: What will I gain from Meditating, what will I see, what will I hear. We don’t want to give you too many concepts and ideas prior to Initiation. We want you to discover things for yourself. We also realize every Meditator is different and will discover what they personally need to discover.… Read more →

Speed of Progression

As there are many Spiritual Paths available to the serious Seeker, choosing one that will lead to True Enlightenment can be a difficult task. This is not helped by the limitations of time and Geographic location. We therefore have to be cautious, discriminating and courageous. It is essential that we read, carefully, the literature of a Path and ask penetrating… Read more →