When people write about their experiences and States of Consciousness they are bound to fail as words alone cannot possibly convey the Beauty and Magnitude of the Spiritual Realms. However, in order to inspire others, we thank you for trying!


Testimonial (N.H.)

  I remember it was a beautiful spring afternoon and I was alone, driving in my car. I was on my way home, listening to music and feeling very content and happy. My wife and I had recently joined a Meditation group which taught Light and Sound. The Teachers talked about an amazing Journey culminating in Enlightenment. We were both… Read more →

Testimonial (A.N.)

  “Long before enlightenment you can have a sense of non-doing, of not being the doer of doing, the actor who acts. It happened to me 30 years ago. In this state every little ordinary act, no matter how menial, can cause a thrill of bliss. It comes with a feeling of non-resistance to actions, and it is that which… Read more →

Testimonial (K.S.)

I arrived at the location and after some relaxation and meditation exercises we were ready to receive the light and sound energy. No form of hypnosis or suggestive language was ever used during the first initiation. I kept myself well aware and observant enough to know what was going on. Light energy was administered first and I received a touch… Read more →

Testimonial (P.G.)

Pay It Forward is when you receive a kind deed from another Person and then you go out and do it (pay it forward) to another Person too. Pay It Forward is not only about money. It could be small acts of kindness like fixing a Child’s Bicycle, giving a ride to someone who needs it, opening a door to… Read more →

Testimonial (M.T.)

My initiation was on the 10th of September, 2016. Before I did my Light and Sound Meditation I had plenty of time without meditating so at first it was a little bit difficult for me to concentrate. But at the time I was going to get introduced to the Light, I finally found that I could concentrate with the help… Read more →

Testimonial (l.K.)

Reflecting back on my life…..I started to have an inner calling at the age of 7, when, as I found myself looking at a mirror, a forceful question WHO AM I? would come and caused to me a natural fear.Then, I would immediately run away from the mirror! As a child I felt that mystical fear, yet had no confidence… Read more →

Testimonial (Y.F.)

My story could fill several books telling the experiences of a limited human life like anybody else’s. I would say my life wasn’t easy, if we speak of challenges I had a few. I always had a strong desire for Love, Truth and Righteousness and I searched for this in many wrong places until the only place left to search… Read more →

Testimonial (O&C)

We are (O) and (C), we have been initiated into Light and Sound meditation and we want to share an experience we’ve had today. After two days of meditation and after a walk through the woods we decided to sit back in meditation, and right after the meditation we’ve have felt an enormous Love in our hearts and we melted… Read more →

Testimonial (C.B.)

Initially I was reluctant to write a testimonial; there is no combination of any words whatsoever that could express anywhere near what Enlightenment means, not only when I realised it but even now two months later. I am still somewhat reluctant, so please, let me write an Inspiration instead. Many years ago when I was just starting my meditation journey,… Read more →

Testimonial (M.S.)

When I sat down to meditate during the Easter Grace period, my intent was to sit and, if so blessed, attain my second initiation. I received first initiation the middle of last December, and have been meditating faithfully on the Light and Sound ever since. Now, let me preface this by saying that I’m no stranger to meditation. I was… Read more →