Universal Intelligence

  Introduction Initiates of Light and Sound have glimpses of the Spiritual Realms on their Journey to Enlightenment. They report that the Energies they Meditate on are “alive” and seem to demonstrate purpose. This leads us to the conclusion that the whole Universe can be considered as a manifestation of Intelligence. It is however, so easy to miss this when… Read more →

14th May 2020

  Hello Nick and Mary this is the Lords of Light. We are delighted with the first phase of the Remote Initiations. Because you are living through a crucial time of the Earth’s evolution, it has been necessary to implement these unprecedented measures. The criticism you receive is from people who have no idea of what is happening on a… Read more →


Stella is Enlightened. She doesn’t need to concern herself with what is ahead. What she does need to do is to consolidate her Enlightenment and the insights she receives should be recorded. This is for the work she will be doing when the time is right. She will know; it will all become clear. Read more →


Dear Julius This is from the Lords of Light and all your Guides and Helpers. You are Loved immeasurably – as you have Loved others. That is how it works! Your countless acts of kindness and generosity and service to mankind, often unnoticed, and without thought for yourself are the marks of a Great Teacher. You are now able to… Read more →

The Future

  1st August 2019 This is from the Lords of Light, in answer to your heartfelt question. We in the Spiritual Realms are watching all the time and nothing goes unnoticed, as we said before. From the beginning of the dawn of when Man first searched for his Maker, it has been an inner Soul searching, with a pure intent.… Read more →

For People who Channel

  July 30th 2019 This is from the Lords of Light, with regard to people who channel. This is a very special gift and when used correctly and with intent, will bring Messages of help to an enormous amount of people. Channelling needs practice. Before each Channelling session, it is necessary to ask for help to be totally neutral and… Read more →


  13th May 2019 This is from the Lords of Light in answer to your question. This indeed is an important one as we don’t want Initiates worried about such matters such that it affects their lives and meditation. Firstly, the Initiation makes people more powerful than they realise. It can solve a myriad of problems. It doesn’t matter what… Read more →

Therapeutic Resonances

  Please note: we have recently updated this site in order to simplify the procedures and methods of treatment. The new approach was guided by the same Intelligence that sits behind the Light and Sound Meditation. www.lightandsoundmeditation.com www.spiritualhierarchy.com   We wanted to use the existing Double Coil technology in combination with an easy method of choosing an appropriate therapeutic frequency.… Read more →

A Glimpse of Heaven

    Throughout history there have been cases where people have claimed to have had a Glimpse of Heaven. The Christian Bible has many such references as do Spiritual books that originate in India. In modern times scientific researchers have recorded near death experiences that suggest the existence of other Worlds. Is it possible to experience Heaven if you are… Read more →