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This website has been created to help people who have had Awakening experiences.

At this time it appears more and more people are spontaneously having expansions of Consciousness. They are not planned or contrived but occur for apparently no reason.

Some of you may be happy with your experience(s) and just want to know if others have had similar revelations. Some of you might be struggling to come to terms with your Awakening(s) and want some form of reassurance that they are quite natural and that you are not alone.

Whatever the case we want to be able to provide you with information and guidance. This comes from people who have had these experiences themselves and have spent years guiding and mentoring others who wished to know the Truth.

You may be hearing high pitched sounds and are unsure of their origin. Vast numbers of people around the World are “Waking Up” and simply don’t realize it! They think they have some sort of physical condition, such as tinnitus. If you are in this category take a look at the video below; this will help you decide.


Other people are seeing a beautiful Inner Light and think they must be imagining it. Some meditation practices teach techniques which include visualising light. This can lead to confusion as to the true origin of the visions. If you are in this category take a look at the video below; this will help you decide.


We have created a contact page so that you can ask (in total confidence) any questions regarding your Awakening(s) and Spiritual matters in general.

Please understand that everything we do is completely free. We operate a “Pay it Forward Principle” so those who have already received amazing Insights pass on their Knowledge and Wisdom to those who seek to unravel the Mysteries themselves.

We would like to thank Amanda Sage for her kind permission to use the image of Limbic Resonance.
This site was launched in September 2019; we will be adding more content very soon.