Light and Sound 1

Light and Sound are the Energies that comprise the Spiritual Dimensions. For some people they are accessed spontaneously. However, most people need instruction and guidance through Meditation.

History has many stories which speak of people being Initiated into the Light and Sound. The Baptism of Jesus and the Revelation of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita are two examples. The Energies are passed from person to person through a simple “Touch.”

We understand that the origin of these Energies is in the High Spiritual Dimensions and the Teachers or Masters are simply conduits. By placing their hands on the disciple’s head, a connection is made between the Seeker and the Spiritual Realms.

After this, if the Seeker learns to let go, as in Meditation, they are transported by the Energies and taken on a Journey that culminates in Enlightenment. At this point they transcend all the Light and all the Sound and merge with the Oneness!


The Journey, these days can be short, taking only a few weeks or months. The time depends on many factors, but the desire for Truth and being able to Meditate properly are the most important.

Those of you that have had Awakening experiences and seek Spiritual Enlightenment, may wish to consider learning how to Meditate on the Light and Sound.

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