The Final Chapter

Dear All

This may be the final chapter!

The Spiritual Hierarchy have sanctioned Remote Initiations. In my opinion this changes everything. We discussed the idea a few years back and were told the time was not right.

However, on the 21st April 2020

Hello Nick, this is the Lords of Light.

We are listening to your ideas about the way forward regarding Remote Initiations.

The way you have set it out is good and should be tried and tested with Adepts in the UK first. Then, as you say, any teething problems can be sorted out. However, as with everything, things will move on and you have to be prepared for that.

If this becomes widespread too quickly (as in South America) it would get out of hand, as there are many Adepts there who want to do things their own way.

We haven’t given you a “Big Picture” Message yet, as We want to see how things unfold with the new way of Initiating – which is definitely the way forward.

There needs to be Energy sent all over the World so the sooner this is done and worked out in the UK, the better.

Get it watertight with clear instructions – this is good!

And then on the 25th April 2020 “Please may we ask: In view of the Remote Initiations, will the new Seeker be able to get further States on his/her own without a further “Touch”. How far will they be able to progress? If not to Enlightenment, can they still Initiate in their own countries?”

From the Lords of Light :

Things have changed dramatically since you last asked that question
Nick. It really is “luck of the draw”. People are experiencing Awakenings of all kinds all over the world now. Sunny (for example) could get ‘taken’ to Enlightenment tomorrow………!

But with the remote Initiation, we would say that they could Initiate in their own countries. We are behind them, as long as they are taught properly how to do it.

(Sunny is a 17 year old boy, living in Australia, who has had an amazing Spontaneous Awakening while walking to a bus stop!)

This is from Mary:
With the last transmission I have reached the bottom of the last page of my 10th book! It really does seem to indicate the truth of Sam Cook’s words, “ A CHANGE IS GONNA COME”
Watch this space !!!

I intend to roll this out slowly so please read the emails carefully and send me your thoughts. It is important we get this right! Not all of you will want to actually send Energy but you can still support those who do by Mentoring our new Remote Initiates.

If we do this right, as I am sure we will, it will Light up the World in a most beautiful way. Our Group will have achieved its Goal with millions of people in contact with the Light and Sound. For those of you who like numbers the Mission has taken just under 2000 days.

I will send you a schedule for the actual Initiation tomorrow.

Love and Light

P.S. Please share this with any UK Adepts that are not on the list. If you send me their emails I can include them in further communications.