Microwaves and 5G

Many Initiates have asked me recently about my thoughts regarding 5G. I shall try and answer the question firstly from a scientific angle and then from a Spiritual and esoteric point of view.

It is well known that microwave ovens can heat up food. This works by selecting a specific frequency that resonates with water molecules (a flipping of dipoles). The water absorbs the energy which in turn heats up and cooks the food.

Some people (and this is not generally accepted) report getting headaches, rashes and a depletion of energy levels when exposed to mobile phones and Wifi which also rely on microwaves for their operation.

As they use different frequencies to microwave ovens it cannot be attributed to the heating of water molecules. However, the human body is very complex and contains a vast number of different complex molecules. So maybe other molecules are being energized in some way.

Our Wifi and telephone systems are currently using frequencies that are labelled 4G. The new 5G will be using a system that operates using a higher band of frequencies. Now higher frequencies immediately strike fear in some people. However if instead I said a device was going to operate using light rather than heat nobody would mind. And yet light has a higher set of frequencies than heat!

What is important is not the fact that 5G is of a higher frequency but in what way we might be sensitive to it. If I predicted that there might be a system of 6G with even higher frequencies many people would go crazy. If they investigated my declaration scientifically I would simply be saying we are going to replace microwaves with heat (or Infra red) radiation the same as we already use in our TV remote controls….a sigh of relief!

One other thing that should be understood is that any effect will depend also on the intensity of the radiation that is absorbed by a person. This means the closer you are to the source or in this case the 5G transmitter the more microwave energy you will be subjected to. As the 5G frequencies are higher than 4G it will mean many more masts and therefore an increased number of the population will live close to a transmitter!

We are also told that, unlike X rays and Ultraviolet radiation, microwaves are non ionizing. This means they don’t have enough energy to cause chemical and biological changes which can lead to mutations and ultimately cancers. This may be true but microwaves, and in particular 5G, are easily absorbed by matter. If objects, which would obviously include human beings, absorb the energy we need to ask the question: even though the quantity of energy absorbed might be low can it still have a palpable effect which could be detrimental to our health. There is cutting edge research which is investigating the mysterious ways atoms and molecules seem to communicate with each other which is akin to a form of telepathy! Will this have implications that suggest we are being affected by these Energies albeit at an extremely subtle level?

Regarding the possible effects….we just don’t have enough data to draw solid conclusion. We will just have to wait and see. Finally, we should accept that there are some amazing advantages to 5G such as:

  • Increased speed for broadband.
  • Self drive or assisted drive transport.
  • Access to the Internet everywhere on the Planet for everyone.
  • Remote surgery.
  • High quality video links.

Finally, as Initiates, it is also good to look at things from an esoteric point of view. If we draw a parallel with the current Coronavirus pandemic we are aware of the many theories as to its cause. These include an act of Nature, an accident due to human error and of course conspiracy theories about World domination.

We asked the Spiritual Hierarchy about this and their reply was:

People forget that there is a Power far greater than all the Power in the World put together – God! This pandemic will keep going until it needs to stop, when lessons have been learnt. There is much to happen yet!

So, with the coming of 5G it can be seen as just another test and learning curve for Mankind.